What’s your next chapter?

Have you been in your family home for 40 years, and have now decided that it is time to move to a smaller, easier to manage location?

Have you decided that your parent or parents need to move from their family home and you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of dealing with all the stuff?  Are you not willing or able to use weeks of vacation time to go through the stuff?

Your Next Chapter is here to help.

I am a librarian by training who had to decide what to do with my next chapter of life.  I returned to Ann Arbor in 2016 after a 10 year absence and no longer wanted to pursue a career as a librarian.  After much thinking and observation of my friends’ parents’ moves, I determined that Senior Move Management was the field I wanted to enter because it combined my organization skills with interests in selling items online, along with a librarian’s natural need to help people.

Services include:

  • Taking photos of the entire house before it is disassembled, and taking photos of any items that are being left behind and have memories or sentimental value.
  • Helping to decide what needs to move, what needs to be sold or donated, and helping to execute those processes.  Also helping with shipping items to other family members as needed.
  • Managing the move process; helping to hire licensed movers, supervising movers on the day of the move and making sure they have everything they need (including lunch and water).
  • Getting everything set up in the new home if it is local to Ann Arbor.
  • Setting up any electronics and technology needed: TV’s, DVD players, cable boxes, wifi, computers, etc.
  • Providing the client with a photo book of their family home and any sentimental items that didn’t make the move.

Ready to move to the next chapter?
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